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Understanding Market Research: A Deep Dive into Consumer Behavior, Brand Recognition, and Methodologies

Understanding Marketing Research

Marketing research is essential to understand the pattern of marketing. This is possible by searching existing knowledge related to business marketing. It is a form of business research, business-to-business marketing research, and business marketing research. Marketing research is done in many forms, and all these forms are known as problem-identification research.

prof ken discusses modern marketing research and consumer behavior

Research in advertising is done to determine the copy testing of advertisements. It is also used to know the efficiency of ads placed in any medium, the customer attention they get, the message they deliver, and how they motivate the customers to buy the product. Commercial eye tracking is done to understand the visual behavior of the customer.

Consumer Behavior Research

When a customer buys something online, he analyses it to decide. This is one of the criteria on which consumer decision research is done. Interviews and surveys can be done to understand consumer satisfaction levels, known as customer satisfaction studies.

Brand and Product Research

When analyzing is to be done about brand recognition, brand performance, brand preference, and awareness, ad tracking is done. A favorite brand can be recognized with the help of brand equity research. Tests are conducted to determine what customers think about a brand or a product, specifically known as brand name testing.

Market Testing and Price Elasticity

Before the practical application of a concept, concept testing should be done to tell whether the targeted audience will like the idea. Test marketing is done by introducing a product in small numbers in the market and observing the sales, after which the product is launched on a large scale.

The more tech-savvy form of marketing research is Internet strategic intelligence. The likes and dislikes of the customers can be directly known with the help of chats, blogs and forums. Online panels are experts who accept the marketing research done online.

Types of Marketing Research

All the research carried out can be classified as primary research, which gathers original research, and secondary research, which is based on a primary research and information published by other resources.

The research designs used by marketing research are either based on questioning or observations. Quantitative marketing research and qualitative marketing research are based on questioning. Marketing research based on observations is called experimental technique and ethnographic studies.


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