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Prof. Ken Workshops and Seminars
Prof. Ken Workshops and Seminars



Improve your leadership skills and get results.

Take interactive, online sales,  growth marketing, leadership and consumer engagement training courses with Prof. Ken.

Lifetime access to materials. Download helpful materials to apply learnings.

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Prof. Ken

 Workshops and Seminars

Prof. Ken has provided seminars and workshops throughout the U.S. and in China, South America, and Europe, with in-depth knowledge and marketing responsibility for nearly twenty-two countries on three continents.

Prof. Ken has developed a “hands-on” Read. Learn. Do™ award-winning sales and growth marketing program that has built companies and business channels, created new business models, and successfully launched over $100 Million of new CPG products for leading global brands.

Prof. Ken breaks down important business development concepts to 

help international teams build success. 

Book a Team

Read. Learn. Do.™ Workshop

Professor Ken will work with your executive team to design a customized half-day seminar and workshop for your company.


Every program will be fun and energetic applying key marketing and business principles that work towards gaining performance improvement for your team.


Book A Team Workshop
Book a Team Workshop
Workshop Topics

Prof. Kens Read. Learn. Do. Online Workshops Include:

Live Sessions

2 Hours of LIVE SESSION Instruction (30 minutes per week for 4 weeks)(also recorded for later viewing)

ONline mini-lessons

10 - Five to Ten Minute Mini-Lessons - (view on your own time - video and podcast)


30 Page Read. Learn. Do. Workbook (use the information from each class)

Expert help

1- LIVE SESSION- One Hour Group Q & A session (get answers to your questions)


Build your connections and Network with Prof. Ken's  Free Workshop App!

Plus get 5 FREE Bonuses with every paid workshop!


Every workshop includes 10 FREE Business Worksheets

you can use in your business today!

Prof Ken Double Hands Up Prof Ken Clean


FREE 30 Minute Personalized Business Review with Prof. Ken

Lifetime Access

Every attendee gets lifetime access to exclusive online videos and lessons. 



Every attendee gets a FREE Website Grader report and SEO Keyword list to help improve your site!

9 Things to do today

Every attendee gets an action list of business changes actions you can apply today!

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